Cordless Knife Sharpener
Cordless Knife Sharpener
Cordless Knife Sharpener
Cordless Knife Sharpener

Cordless Knife Sharpener

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Breeze With Ease Through All Your Cutting Tasks

Comes with a rotating blade that does all the hard work for you. Simply put your blade through the slit, press the button and you're back in action.

You can also use it on more than just knives. Scissors, screwdrivers, gardening tools you name it. If it has a blade we can sharpen it.

Operates off of only 2 AA batteries. Which means you don't need to lug around no cords or anything. Simply pop in some batteries and you're up and running.

you get sharper faster, effectively and best of all... money back in your pockets without spending another dime on an expensive set. Get yours today so you can revive your blades. 


Save Time - It will take you 5-10 seconds to bring your knife back to life. Saving you on the time that would be wasted on trying to cut with a dull knife

Save Money - Saving you potentially hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars spent on knives over the years. Sharpens even the dullest of knives and instantly putting money back in your pockets. 

Safe & Comfortable Grip - Giving you full control and maximum stability over it. Allowing you to sharpen safely without losing your grip.

Quick & Easy To Use - Super beginner friendly without any complicated steps to it. Just sharpen it, enjoy it and repeat.